3 Important Things to Consider While Planning a Magento Store

Magento is an excellent ecommerce platform that helps you drive more traffic to your site.  The platform incorporates wide range of ecommerce features which has been the main reason for it being the first choice of several large organizations. Over past few years, we have seen a tremendous growth of Magento because of its dynamic attributes, functionalities and user-friendly nature.

Being known for its flexibility and high performance, Magento has been an ideal platform for all kinds of ecommerce sites that sell variety of products. Even though the platform is highly flexible and easy to use, you can’t just get started without a proper planning. Here are a few things you need to consider while planning to have a Magento store.


  • Know your audience: This is something you need to consider before getting started with a Magento online store. If you have no idea about your market and the target audience, the chances of your store becoming successful will be very less. Knowing who will buy your products can influence the design and structure of your website.
  • Select the edition of Magento: It’s really important for you to know about the edition of Magento you are going to use. There are two versions – Enterprise edition and Community edition. You can go with the one that suits the size of your business i.e. the amount of products you are planning to use on the store.


Design plays a highly important role when it comes to an ecommerce store. When a website is professionally designed, it makes your store look attractive and user-friendly. There are two design options available for you to use on your store.

  • A ready-made design theme: Currently, there are plenty of ready-made design themes available in the market using which you can develop a good looking online store. But the main drawback of using the ready to use themes is that there might be lots of other stores using the same theme as yours; this would be a bit negative for established brands.
  • Creating custom design: Custom design provides uniqueness to your online store. If you decide to go with the custom design, you need to check out several stores and choose what you find enticing; whether it may be the layout, color or the navigation. The design and functionality can be according to your desire with no limitations of a theme.


  • This is another area in which the platform excels. You need to plan the methods of marketing and promotion to use while selling the products in order to increase the sales. You can add lots of features through extension as well. 
  • One best thing about Magento is that the platform comes with a complete selection of modules that can be personalized based on the requirements of the company, whereas in other platforms, you need to spend a lot to customize the store.  

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